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The Monocle Guide to Good Business follows up on the success of The Monocle Guide to Better Living. The book offers multifaceted perspectives on the world of work today and in the future―from compelling business ideas to inspiring company cultures. Ever since the launch of Monocle in 2007 this highly successful global magazine and media brand has championed a clear and new take on the world of work It has encouraged its readers to start their own businesses, do the thing that makes them feel fulfilled (even if it means ditching a comfortable corporate salary), and find places to build their HQ that deliver a good quality of life too. The magazine’s belief in making things (and making them well), using your hands, doing an apprenticeship, and keeping things small and tight has linked perfectly with a community of entrepreneurs who are determined to find their own way in the world ―and know that this will allow them to run their lives in new and fresh ways. These developments are also expressed in the maker movement, new shared spaces, and unusual business schools. So it was a natural step for the magazine’s team to create The Monocle Guide to Good Business. This guide is not your traditional business book, but it does give advice on how to go from clever fledgling idea to success story and introduces people with inspiring stories. The Monocle Guide to Good Business is also a picture-rich journey for anyone who runs a company, wants to run a company, or wishes their boss had some new ideas It will even tell you why you need an office dog. From the best business neighborhoods to the sturdiest desks, this book will have you planning a new career ―or at least fixing your office. It’s a book that should be thumbed and used. It’s a manual and a manifesto, a guide and a good read.


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